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    Tenscope is Your Guide to Mutual Funds

    Make the right decisions with our expertise

    Tenscope is Your Guide to Mutual Funds

    Our fund managers are here to use their expertise and competence so you can achieve higher returns and better performance. The decisions regarding buying and selling of securities are taken after extensive analysis research. We have trustworthy management to help you get the desired results.

    With the help of our expert services of mutual fund managers, you have the flexibility to withdraw your money at any time. There is no lengthy process for putting or withdrawing of money. We allow you to experience 100% liquidity of mutual funds in India by making it available to you at any moment.

    Let us simplify things for you! Portfolio management will be much easier now that you will have access to live updates on mutual fund performance. We monitor all of your market investments and assist you in meeting all of your financial objectives. We handle it efficiently and without causing you any problems.

    Is there a fear of losing wealth in your mind? Leave such worries behind! We work hard to protect the money you've put into mutual fund schemes. Funds involve some risk, but as the risk increases, so do the returns. This is a typical technique, but we will not expose your investment to unnecessary dangers.

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    No-hassle documentation
    NAV for all mutual fund schemes is updated daily.
    Fund Managers with Experience, Responsiveness, and Trustworthiness
    Online portfolio management that is uncomplicated

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    Multiple Investments Options To Diversify Your Portfolio

      Frequently Asked Questions

      An electronic order in trade is referred to as an e-mandate. As the name implies, it is a paperless work. Unlike x-Mandate, which takes 40+ days to approve your mandate, e-Mandate just takes 3 working days. Please keep in mind that the maximum sum for creating an e-mandate should not exceed Rs. 1 lakh.

      Here are the advantages of E-mandate:
      Only three days for approval
      Paperless process
      Secure and safe

      Signing up for your e-mandate has a maximum cost of 1,00,000/-.

      You will receive an email confirming the order status. Aside from that, you may view the progress of your order at the profile area page.