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    Tenscope is Your Guide to Margin Trading

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    Tenscope is Your Guide to Margin Trading

    Tenscope will make sure it does not happen to you! Now you can buy stocks by only paying a portion of the total amount with our margin trading facility. If you want to buy stocks worth one lakh, but can only pay a margin of 50,000 then Tenscope will pay the remainder of the amount. Your margin contribution might be in the shape of cash or other stocks that are sitting idle in your demat account.

    You can use the securities in your portfolio with our margin trading service. You can use these securities as collateral to improve the percentage return on the cash placed. Now you don’t have to refrain from investing in profitable trading opportunities just because of lack of capital. Tenscope margin trading facility has got you!

    The primary benefit is that you may normally borrow 50% of the cost of each new scrip while trading. This means you can buy up to 2 times as many shares as in a cash account, and this might let you take advantage of short-term market opportunities without selling any of your current investments.

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