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    Tenscope is Your Guide to IPOs

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    Tenscope is Your Guide to IPOs

    A Demat account is required to keep IPO assets and trade them in the stock market. However, opening a Demat account is not that simple. A few requirements must be met in order for it to be finished. Tenscope can make things simple for you

    Tenscope provides you with expert assistance so you can flourish in the stock market. Managing your finances can become more difficult and time-consuming as your firm expands. Expert advice at each stage will help you grow and obtain high returns on your investments.

    IPO stocks provides larger returns and more potential for the future. You may invest early and achieve more in a small time zone. Tenscope continues to follow all firms that enter capital markets and expands the chance of exceptional earnings.

    Getting in touch with Tenscope can make accomplishing your financial goals a reality. If you invest in low-cost and high-return IPOs, you can attain your educational, marriage, health, retirement, and other financial goals. We can help you accomplish your goals.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      When applying for an IPO, ensure that all of the following details are correctly filled out:
      ASBA Bank Account Number
      Demat Account Number
      Your Signature

      You cannot apply for IPO services online. You must only apply through ASBA. The IPO paperwork must be obtained from Tenscope offices.

      You must submit an IPO application using ASBA or UPI.