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      Frequently Asked Questions

      When applying for an IPO, ensure that all of the following details are correctly filled out: Amount ASBA Bank Account Number Demat Account Number Price Your Signature

      Exchange and monetary standards cannot be compared. Both are distinct. On the one hand, trading is global, while monetary norms are often national. Because global exchanges are paid in global monetary forms, they are often brought/sold for each other, establishing money exchanging.

      Monday to Friday, the Exchange is open for business. The hours of operation are IST 10:00 a.m. to 11.30 p.m. / 11.55 p.m.* (*during daylight saving time in the United States).

      Equity shares are just ordinary shares that reflect a type of part ownership. A shareholder is a fractional owner who assumes the greatest entrepreneurial risk connected with any enterprise. The shareholders are also corporate members. They also have the right to vote.